I Make Places, You Make Things

Things Need a Place to Happen From. I Make Places, You Make Things

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  1. Anna Katrine Høgh Andersen
    Anna Katrine Høgh Andersen says:

    Very good point Martin. It is exactly the same philosophy the CBS Studio is incorporating.

    A further thought: It is not the (innovative) spaces that makes (innovative) things happen, It is the (innovative) people in the space!

    On that thought the novel question is; how do you make spaces that “provoke” people to make things happen?

    Thank you for inspiring, Martin!nn1

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      And thank you, Anna, for great response – good points.

      You ask how we can make places that provoke people to make things happen. Overall I think it’s about qualifying serendipity. Designing the space and the interaction features so that people will get to meet and talk to as many new people as possible. Every time people’s line cross, there’s a potential sparkle. The number of “crosses” and sparkles are directly related to how likely the startup is tl succeed. I see a lot of sparkles every week and it motivates me to keep improving the space.

      Anna, what’s your experience regarding how to provoke?nn1nn1


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