Dazin Awarded CSE Civic Award

Last night I had the honour of awarding Dazin CSE’s special prize – the Civic Award – with this motivation:

At the Go Grow graduation we give a special prize to the startup team with the most sustainable impact on the civic society. We call this prize the CIVIC AWARD.

When I met the founder of this startup 3, maybe 4 years ago he had a great vision and lots of hope – but he didn’t know how to capitalize and how to scale. Today when graduating from GO GROW he has still a great vision AND  now also a sustainable plan for how to safe houndreds, maybe thousands of people’s lifes. We believe that he and his great team will make it happen!

We give this years CIVIC AWARD to Mr. Deepak and the Dazin team. Congratulations!

-> Check out Dazin’s Crowdfunding

-> Apply to join next batch of Go Grow – the CSE accelerator

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